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Florida State Seminoles Officially Licensed NCAA Illuminated Trailer Hitch Cover

  • $49.95

From now on, you can support your favorite collegiate football team at every tailgating party, every intersection and every trip to town – day and night – with the newly designed ‘Florida State Seminoles’ TailTalker. Choose from two designs (but keep checking in because we continually update our designs).


  • Durable, high-impact HDPE plastic
  • Lights up at night (gets brighter when braking and turn signaling)
  • DOT-approved acrylic lens with custom messaging
  • Easy to insert other lenses to show your support of your favorite teams
  • Easy to install

The Florida State Seminoles TailTalker is an innovative product that allows you to display a backlit message, promote a concept or express your lifestyle all from the back of your vehicle. The TailTalker lights up during daytime, darkness, braking and turn signaling. Plus, the extra light enhances visibility to other motorists and higher visibility has been linked to increased safety.

Another great feature of the Florida State Seminoles TailTalker is that you can easily change out the lens.  For example, maybe you are a college fan on Saturday and you promote your team on Saturday but you are also a NFL fan on Sunday. If so, you can change out the lens and insert your favorite NFL team on Sunday!

Tail Titan Upgrade

  • Available in polished aluminum
  • Fits 2" receiver hitch
  • Protects the TailTalker dragging in dips
  • Protects the TailTalker in car washes
  • Protects fron inadvertent step ups to cargo area
  • Enhances safety by increasing visibility
  • Easy 1 minute change-over (TailTalker has receiver tube removed and then inserted into Tail Titan)